Fashion Show Insanity

Awhile back, my lovely neighbors at ManaCulture contacted me to ask if I wanted to participate in a fashion show focused on showcasing the shops of our hood: South 1st St.  I think the world of these folks, love their store, and  love the way they do business.  Of couse, I said Yes!  It would be a great reason for me to up-cycle the fabulous cocktail wear that has shown up over the last few year; too far gone to sell, but too amazing to let slip past me.  All of the these dresses are incredible now, despite the damage, and no doubt made the original owner feel like the Queen when they arrived at their event, bedazzling in all their finery.Exclusively from the 1950’s, each dress has inspired me to use the damage to create a piece that shows it’s history, and revels in the evolution.  I am having so much fun, getting out of my own way, and letting the dress tell me what needs to happen…all in a very organic way.  If I am lucky I will have 5 up-cycled pieces walk down the runway this Friday, along with 5 other outfits from the shop racks.  Should be super fun…So, Friday, Oct. 1st, 8pm-11pm,  Hosted by ManaCulture 2214 S. 1st St, Featuring yours truly, Pangaea, Lovely, Schatzelein, ChyralisAustin,  hair by Shine.$10 donation at the door, benefiting ” Cause to Celebrate”….dancing, performance, complimentary cocktails for those over 21……….photos to follow!

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