Past Events

The South Lamar Bizarre Bazaar

Back in the day, when we had a huge parking lot that faced S. Lamar, we hosted The South Lamar Bizarre Bazaar. The following is the story of how that came to be. The Bizarre Bazaar is also the seed of what has become an ongoing series of events here at the new shop.

For the last 15 years Amelia’s has hosted The South Lamar Bizarre Bazaar, an event that brings together vendors from Texas and beyond, local and emerging musical talent, and a fun South Austin vibe that has garnered a world of fans.

The event started out as a simple porch sale to de-clutter the shop of items that didn’t quite fit in; they were either too new, or in need of more restoration effort than was practical for us. It was both fun and successful, but with a few more friends, we decided, it could be even more fun!

Soon, there were folks selling everything from vintage biker jackets to ’50s Modern furniture, from garden plants to glassware! It had grown so large, we were filling all the parking spaces that stretch the 70-some-odd-feet across the front of the shop! It was ready to make the leap into becoming a full-fledged event.  With the efforts of Wendi Powers, a friend with experience as a vendor at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in California, The South Lamar Bizarre Bazaar was born.

Under Wendi’s guidance and energy, bands were booked, fliers were created, advertising was arranged, vendors were wooed, and a fund-raising recipient was picked. That tradition continues to this day, and we are proud to have supported several important charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Capitol Area Food Bank, and The Leukemia Foundation, with goods and funds that were generated by The Bizarre Bazaar. Though Wendi’s involvement was brief, her efforts were what created the model, and set the ambitious standard for all future Bizarre Bazaars.