Change Is The Only Constant

I am both sad and elated to post that we are moving again.

Moving, and to 3 different places! We’re going to make finding us a little easier And a little harder, both!

1) Online! Amelia’s is in the process of creating an on-line shop that can be appreciated world-wide. We will start with the Jewelry, Hats, Purses, and higher-end clothing. Look for a launch in the very near future.

2) Trailer Land! Both ‘Dezi’, the 1949 TraveLite trailer, and ‘Ethyl’, our 1959 “Airstream” (we travel in ‘Lucy’ , our 1959 Airstream “Pacer”) have found a new home just off Slaughter Ln, snuggled up next to an old-school recording studio. Come visit our sweet little hide-away, enjoy an iced tea sitting in our vintage candy bouncer yard chairs! Here, I believe the long awaited Stitch and Bitch sessions will become the Thing that Happens on Thursday! With Tea, and Cookies! Check back for details.

And, of course we will be available for purchasing *your* treasures! Whether you are editing your personal collection, clearing out a closet of the house you just bought, or getting family possessions downsized, give us a call and we will be happy to set up an appointment.

Given the photography and listing that will be going on, there will be plenty of beautiful pieces in process, and we can arrange a shopping experience, a restoration consultation,

3) Amelia’s will be relocating the core of the collection of Mid -1860’s to the Late 1960.s clothing and accessories into a little treasure-box being created for *Us* inside the fabulous *new* New Bohemia on Airport Blvd. This should transpire sometime before the Fall of 2016.

Slackerville, my magical yard, the herd of feral cats, the grandmother sycamore tree that guards my little turquoise 1930’s jewel box, the cool artist studio spaces, the small business incubator, has been sold.
There are reports on KXAN and in the Austin American-Statesman.