Several years back, I was introduced to Maggie Duval of Plutopia Productions.  Such a generous, creative and connected individual, I was inspired to create some content to include in Plutopia’s contribution to SxSW Interactive.  Thus began my romance with Steampunk.  When I started there was almost no information available about this aesthetic/lifestyle/gaming/technological/fashion movement, and now there are entire books about it.

The first year I brought a troupe of costumed actors, who interacted  in character with the patrons.  Now we have a time machine, actors, a radio-active grandfather clock, a mechanical bustle, and Google has hired us to bring some fun into one of their events!

The evolution of all this has been to create an entire Steampunk town, and backstory to go with it; thus, Showdown @ Unobtainium, Tesla vs Edison.

Yes, actors for hire…  No extra charge for the mechanical bustle.!


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