~SOLD~1950s Belle o’ the Ball Expanding Crinoline


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I am pretty excited by this piece of Americana.  Post war materials, innovation and the styles of the 50’s all aligned to bring you the delightful Belle o The Ball Expanding Crinoline.  It was invented in 1947 by a real-life Southern Belle, Mary Clayton of Decatur, Georgia; Mary needed a light-weight, travel-friendly crinoline to fill out her Gone With the Wind style dresses and skirts, and so the “Belle o The Ball” collapsing crinoline was her clever solution.

If you are planning a vintage wedding, or a vacation that demands a full skirted gown ( long Or short, this thing is Adjustable with a capitol “A”; it can even adjust to fill out panniers) the “Belle o The Ball”l is the crinoline for you.  I can see it being part of a great performance piece costume, actually.

As big as this crinoline expands, it collapses down into it’s own 8 & 7/16″ across x 4″ tall miniature hat box style carrying case, with a close-able center compartment on the inside for your smaller treasures.

Snaps at waist are set at 30″,28″,26″, and 24″

The lower hoop extends out to 30” to meet the smallest diameter option of the  leather strap mechanism that locks the size in place. There are 3 pre-set options on the leather straps, but I haven’t stretched the hoops to the anything but the smallest hoop.  Looks like it is a fairly simple procedure, but would require patience to work it out to the largest size.

The fully extended length is 32, and can be adjusted by moving the buckles on the shoe-laces. These shoe-laces are strung from the waistband down thru the first hoop, and then thru the second. The first hoop can be slid up and down the shoe-laces to give your skirt the perfect silhouette.  The second (lower ) hoop is removable as well as slide-able, should that seem needed.

This opaque version is one of the older Belle o The Ball Crinolines, as the newer ones were transparent.

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