Art Deco Cigarette or Card Case


Art Deco Cigarette or Card Case by Evans

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3 & 3/4″ long and 7/8″ wide, the bold black and chrome design on the top of this cigarette case lands it solidly in the Jazz Age. ┬áThe spring loaded lid snaps open to an interior stamped with a optically moving ( I am not sure how to describe this…light makes this stamp look like it’s moving) circle-in-a-square top, a stylized arrow keeper stamped “Evans”, and the bottom showing the reverse of the back stamped with a basket weave pattern. Clasp, spring and hinge are all solid, though the top is offset ever so slightly…may be part of the design to keep everything tidy and tight, as it is a good fit. There is minor wear overall, appropriate to use in a Speakeasy, sliding into the interior pocket of your tailcoat, and being nearly a 100 years old.

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