Art Nouveau Sterling Brooch with Amethyst Crystal Buds


Art Nouveau Leaf and Amethyst Bud Brooch

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A lovely piece of one of my favorite design styles; reading a biography of Georgia O’Keefe, I have discovered she was very much influenced by Art Nouveau, so we share that. Not everyday I get to say I share something with one of my favorite artists!

This piece has the remnants of “Sterling” stamped on a cartouche on the back. Clearly handmade, the drape of the central leaf hold the ends of the amethyst crystal buds. Set inside a heavy gauge oval, the whole thing measures ¬†2 & 7/8″ long, by 7/8″ wide. ¬†Clasp is in fine working order.

I haven’t tested these beautiful jewels to ascertain if they are the semi-precious stone, or colored crystal, and price reflects that.

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