Bes-Ben Hat with Beads and Sequins


Bes-Ben Hat with Beads and Sequins

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Bes-Ben hats rarely disappoint! Known for their unusual range of materials and their whimsical styling, the designs from the brother-sister team from Chicago are now highly sought after, reaching record amounts at auction.   This one is a delight!  Pods made from layers of stitched-together black felt perch atop stalks of felt covered wires.  The covered wires loop and cluster at the front edge of a small cap that sits snug against the crown of you head. And if having an alien plant atop your head isn’t enough, there is a fabulous little selection of beads and shaped and multi-colored sequins stacked and stitched to the center “stamen” of each pod.  The photos don’t actually do this one justice!

There are no pecks, holes or weak spots in the black felt.

The label reads Bes-Ben, and another hand written label reads ( I believe) 251 in ink on milliners ribbon.

There is one or two sequins/beads that have gone missing, but it does not detract from the hat.

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