Margot de Taxco Enameled Set


Margo de Taxco enameled earrings and bracelet set.

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After doing some research on this set, I have become a huge fan of Margot de Taxco jewelry.  This set is a great example of her work.  This design features beautifully enameled, stylized ribbons in black and pale pink with small accent dots of berry. Inside the bracelet is stamped: Margo de Taxco, 5051, the number 16 inside the eagle stamp ( Margot’s govt. issued number), Sterling and Made in Mexico. Inside the earrings is the eagle and 16, and the number 5651.

There are two flaws that I am able to see, both appear to be  part of  the pieces when originally sold. There is a small void (so small I only noticed it after examining it under magnification for this listing) in the enamel at the small end of one of the bracelet sections.  The second is on the back of one of the earrings, where the clip is soldered to the front there has been a seperation in the metal.  I honestly cannot figure out what has caused this, but it appears to have been there since it was created.  It has no effect on the function, look, or wear-ability of the earrings.

The colors and stamps lead me to believe this is a piece from the  late 1940s or early to mid 1950s,



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