Navy Blue Duchess Satin Evening Bag


Navy Blue Duchess Satin Evening Bag

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The perfect little bag for an evening out! Stuffed, it’s 3″ deep, and 8″ wide, and appx 5″ from the frame to the bottom, and would hold all your essentials. The interior bears the “MM” label, 3 pockets, and a tiny coin purse on a golden chain (I need one of those on parts of my *life*!!!) ┬áNo stains, scuffs, frays or loose bits. The handle is made of 2 ┬ásatin bands of 3/8″ width, and measure a generous 13″ from hinge to hinge. The brass bauble at the top has all but 3 of it’s original rhinestones…but let’s be honest; why is anyone looking that closely at the clasp? *You’re* the star here!

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