Pearly Lucite Round Box Purse SOLD


Pearly Lucite Box Purse

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This pearly lucite bag features a clear, reverse carved lid and 2 clear hoop style handles. ┬áThere are no major flaws, no cracks, stains, or loose bits…there *is* a missing clear lucite cube foot on the back, but it doesn’t affect how the purse sits ( no rocking ) or looks! There is no name on the hinge, but the quality is up there with Wilardy. ┬áThis would be a great option for a vintage bride, or to use in a vintage wedding.

measures 4″ tall, 4& 7/8″ deep and 9 & 5/8″ long. Handle adds another 5 & 1/8″ to the overall height.

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