Swanky 1950s Glove Clip


1950s Glove Clip with Rhinestones.

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It took years to figure out what these were. I have had several, but this one is probably the fanciest, and the newest, as most are clearly 40s. From what I can deduce, you clasp the chain to the handle of your bag, and then the pincers are used to keep your gloves safely attached. If your bag was small, this little addition would be very useful! A more modern use might be for keys,
scarves, or your bundle of pass cards.
Made of cast metal, and finished in a bright chrome, the heavily carved leaves are accented with blue rhinestones that shift their color, ranging from a deep, almost navy blue to a pale blue, depending on how, and how much, light is striking them. There also must be a high lead content, as there alot of fire in them.
As well made as this piece is, I am surprised it isn’t marked!
Measuring 1/2″ wide, 2″ long.
with all hinges, springs and clasps in great working order.

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