Gratitude, Part 1

Every day I show up to work, I am grateful; not only is my job something I find great satisfaction in, the place I go to do that job is a place that I adore.

I love the big, grandmother sycamore tree in the front yard,  and the grey rock squirrel that has taken up residence under the front porch. I love the sound of the bell tower marking the hours at the San Juan Church, and the sound of the parrots in their stick and twig condos on the cell phone tower. I love the herd of cats that actually own the whole Slackerville complex, and the fact I can usually find at least three of them lounging in various out-of-the-way spots in my sanctuary of a backyard. I love the happy turqoise color of this 1934 house, and the crazy mix of owner-run boutiques that fill other unique spaces up and down South 1st.  The street has changed over the years, and some would say for the worse….me, I couldn’t be happier.

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