Amelia’s, Vintage Vivant and The Swan Dive

We are so excited to be a sponsor for what will undoubtedly be an amazing Scene: Vintage Vivant  ( is hosting a soiree’  at the dreamy new club, Swan Dive ( 615 Red  River) on the last  Sunday of every month. The Jan. 30th date is the inaugural event…join us, and you can tell your friends you were there at the very beginning!!

This is going to be so fun: free beginner dance lessons, vintage cocktails, live music and  a DJ playing 78rpms!  Lots of room on the dance  floor, too!

Each one will have a theme, and this first one is “Paper Moon”, a popular image of the times…check out the VV website for some wonderful images from the era.

Swan Dive is Our Movie Set, yall.  Gorgeous, with a bit of funky thrown in…. all creams and whites and greys; a satellite space created by the talented folks that have inspired us with Eastside Showroom. The perfect backdrop for your close-up!  If you haven’t been there yet, don’t feel left out!  It has only Just opened!

Wear 20’s, 30’s or 40’s attire, or attire inspired by those decades, and get in for only $3…otherwise, $5. But, why would you Not dress up???

To make it more fun, Amelia’s is offering a 10% discount to any customer mentioning the V V event on any purchase over $15.00. Also, check out our first V V tutorial on how to change your basic black dress into a respectable replication of the looks and preportions each decade  favored….more of Those to come!

And it came to pass, that some very cool,  smart women came together and created an amazing Happening in Austin Texas.

Biblical as that sounds, I have to say I am honored to be a part of what will surely become a “Must Do” event for a discerning slice of Austin culture…or should I say Cuhlt-cha, ala Betty Boop, a beloved icon of the slice of history said event will be celebrating.  See YOu there!!!

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