Steampunkin’ it up for Google

Here’s an image from another one of our excursions into Steampunk Land.  We had gotten a call from Tyler Hanson to provide some content for an event Google hosted during SxSW Interactive, 2011. It was held at the local club, Speakeasy,( a venue known to be haunted).  We showed up with our Time Machine and our troupe in costume, ready to play and encourage others to do the same.   When you play, you need a story, and our story was we were stranded in 2011 due to a malfunction in our Nasgar Wave Generator and were unable to locate out “portal”.

” Have you felt any odd vibrations in your extremities?”, we would ask the attendees, “Odd humming in your ears?  Strange smells?  any of those might indicate proximity to a portal.” It was so out of their norm, and the majority were So willing to play.  And of course the questions were meant to be taken more than one way, and that led to all sorts of funny responses.  Everyone was enjoying our tour thru the crowd, and having ridiculous amounts of fun.

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