The Globe Takes a Stroll


Lots of creative fun in my near future, including repainting the globe.

If you missed it, in the process of moving the 8′ globe from under the sycamore tree at 2213 S. 1st it escaped it’s flatbed trailer, just past Cumberland Rd., and started to roll down the street.  Trauma was miraculously avoided! The thing came to rest against a curb, without smashing into another car, going through the window of someone’s living room, driving another car into oncoming traffic, or even crashing the small Electra.

She deserves a fresh paint job, regardless of the scuffing.  Made in ’97, and prominently featured on the roof of our old location on S. Lamar, and then under the stately sycamore that graced the front of our last location on S. 1st St, the Globe has no lines of nations, only mountains, savannas, rain forests, and ice caps.

When I originally painted her, I made sure the Sahara was beaten back by the forest, and that the Nile Valley had a fertile year.  The Amazon was thick and wide, and the oceans were clear and blue. There was peace on every continent, and there was plenty in every one of the cities marked by the holes drilled to mark their place. My world is a dream, but it felt so much closer when I was giving her color.

I am *really* looking forward to repeating that experience, not the least reason being I believe that envisioning something mean,s on some level, it is possible.

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